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Converge Award to spinout Concinnity Genetics

Congratulations to Jessica Birt of spinout Concinnity Genetics at The University of Edinburgh for top prize in the kickstarter challenge at this year's Converge awards.

Concinnity Genetics builds gene control systems that act like a switch for gene therapies, turning them off when active in the wrong cells to prevent the onset of side effects

Converge Award
Jessica Birt (centre) at Converge awards

The unique AI tech was developed during Jessica’s PhD with us at the UK centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology Biology, in the lab of Susan Rosser.

The award comes with a £10,000 prize.

About Converge

Working in collaboration with Scotland’s universities, they uncover emerging spinouts and start-ups, acting as a catalyst to accelerate the creation of innovative products and services that will improve lives and safeguard our planet.

Open to university staff, students and recent graduates across Scotland,  their programme is designed to springboard new businesses through intensive business training, networking, 1-2-1 support, generous equity-free cash prizes and expert advice from our roster of industry partners.

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