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New Start Up: Concinnity Genetics

Launched by Dr Jessica Birt and Dr Matt Dale from the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology in SynthSys, Concinnity Genetics aims to improve the safety & efficacy of gene therapies using AI.

Concinnity Genetics Logo
Concinnity Genetics Founders
Concinnity Genetics Founders: Dr Jessica Birt and Dr Matt Dale │ Image credit: Conception x

Concinnity Genetics builds gene control systems that act like a switch for gene therapies, turning them off when active in the wrong cells to prevent the onset of side effects.

Based on unique AI technology developed by Jessica Birt during her PhD with the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology in the lab of Professor Susan Rosser, the algorithm can rapidly improve and learn from previous designs.

The journey

Conncinnity genetics was chosen to participate in the KQ Labs accelerator programme run out of the Crick Institute (which includes £40K company funding). On the same day in 2021 the team pitched as a finalist on the Conception X Demo Day virtual stage. Conception X are venture builders creating deeptech startups from leading research labs and PhD programmes around the UK.

They have now received £270K from Scottish Enterprise from its company creation scheme along with access to vital lab space.


  • Build own dataset within a year
  • Develop five novel gene control systems over the next 18 months
  • Eventually build a large portfolio of modular control systems tested in-house

Growing Market

Concinnity Gentics is well placed to target the growing market of gene editing and mRNA therapeutics. They form part of a vibrant local ecosystem that will underpin future mammalian engineering biology.


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