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SAW Trust inspires again

The SAW Trust were back in Edinburgh on May 3 2018 to deliver what was their third successful training day in science communication. 

A group of 32 teachers, scientists, writers and artists attended to learn more about the SAW Trust’s fun and innovative approach to teaching science through pictures and words.

SAW 2018

Jenni Rant (SAW training lead and scientist) and colleagues Mike O’Driscoll (writer) and Chris Hann (poet) inspired the room with ways to explore DNA and cells using everything from pipe cleaners and paints to balloons and polystyrene balls. The ‘class of 2018’ excelled themselves in their creative interpretations of the cell structure (see photo).

All too often, the ‘arts’ and ‘sciences’ are referred to as separate disciplines but, as discussed in class, they are more similarities than differences. The arts can also help open up science to children who feel disengaged with science or have preconceptions that it is simply ‘too difficult’ for them.

At the end of the day, the trainers selected seven teams to develop and take workshops into schools in the Edinburgh and the Lothians. We are particular grateful to the SAW Team, all our enthusiastic volunteers, and Lorna MacDonald from Edinburgh City Council who has helped to connect us to schools.

You can read more about the SAW Trust and their activities here www.sawtrust.org