Centre for Engineering Biology

Cheers! Centre supports Pint of Science 2019 evening

The Centre supported a Pint of Science 2019 event dedicated to synthetic biology on May 22.

Pint of Science 2019 evening
Photo: From left - Liz Fletcher (Centre manager), Prof Lynne Regan and Dr Gaynor Campbell

For three evenings in May, beer met biology through some engaging presentations (in some cases performances) by some of the Centre researchers.

Sophie Stone expanded the vision of the audience talking about the notions of the human and our bodies on synthetic biology. Dr Gaynor Campbell showed her skills as a budding stand-up comedian taking us on the origins of genetic manipulation through to some rather dubious DIY biohacking. Prof Lynne Regan then used us some fun facts about the role of the proteins and their biomedical importance – props from large building bricks included.

During the night, the audience had the opportunity to draw their own genetically augmented product – with prizes for the most artistic and the craziest ideas.

Dr Elisa Pesenti from the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology coordinated this year’s event which was a sell-out success.