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Doors Open Day: EPCC

Welcome to EPCC's virtual Doors Open Day!

EPCC provides supercomputing and data services to industry and academia. We oversee a unique collection of leading-edge high-performance computing (HPC) systems and major data resources which are housed at the University of Edinburgh’s Advanced Computing Facility, a secure state-of-the-art building on the outskirts of Edinburgh. We are the UK’s only high-performance computing centre with a global reputation, and our facilities and expertise are unmatched in Europe.

Software plays a crucial role in research. The Software Sustainability Institute, based in the Bayes Centre, works to upskill researchers in the development and use of better software to enable better research. The Institute’s Research Director, Dr Caroline Jay, introduces the Institute’s background and goals, while Dr Edward Wallace gives a researcher’s perspective on how working with the Institute has helped his work.


Dr Caroline Jay:

Video: Caroline Jay EPCC dod
Caroline Jay EPCC dod video

Dr Edward Wallace:

Video: Dr Edward Walla EPCC dod
Dr Edward Walla EPCC dod video

EPCC’s Jane Kennedy introduces ARCHER2, the UK’s next national supercomputing service, which will be hosted and managed by EPCC.

Jane Kennedy:

Video: Archer 2 EPCC dod
Archer 2 EPCC dod video


Minecraft Bayes Centre

Make sure you have a look at the Minecraft Bayes Centre: designed and built by Cameron Kennedy (age 9), Penicuik, with assistance from Andy McDonald (age 49 1/2), EPCC.

Minecraft Bayes Centre

Virtual Museum

Check out this virtual museum which showcases nearly 40 years of supercomputers at EPCC, which hosts and manages ARCHER2 on behalf of UKRI, and shows how the technology has changed over time.


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