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Doors Open Day: Design Informatics

Doors Open day - Design Informatics.

Design Informatics aims to bring Edinburgh’s world-class creative industries and tech sector together, utilising innovative data-driven technologies to develop ground-breaking new products, businesses and experiences. 

With a vibrant design and advertising sector, the largest concentration of major festivals in the world, and the highest rate of cultural employment in the UK, Edinburgh is a leading destination for creatives of all disciplines. Through six research and development initiatives, Design Informatics will enable creatives and cultural organisations to explore and better understand how data-driven technologies can be used to enhance their work. These initiatives will develop local talent, placing creatives in the driving seat of data-driven innovation and ensuring that Edinburgh’s creative and cultural industries continue to thrive.

Design Informatics is attached to the Bayes Centre and as well as being a creative space for staff and students it also offers Inspace. Inspace is a unique events and exhibitions space which is part of the Institute of Design Informatics within the University of Edinburgh. Inspace commissions and produces creative activity that unlocks digital technology and explores its role in society, through public programmes that connect data, research and creative talent.

Watch the video below to find out more about Design Informatics and just some of their innovative projects to date.

Video: DI doors open day video
DI doors open day video

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