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Doors Open Day: Space and Satellites

Doors Open Day - Space and Satellites.

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The University of Edinburgh is a Space University. Our researchers work in an extraordinary range of space-related activities: engineers are exploring the management of fire risk in space, and developing rocket fuel pods;  chemists are developing clean-burn rocket fuels; and  astronomers are tracking the skies for space debris.

The dedicated Space and Satellites Innovation Programme is pulling together a team of DDI Space and Satellites Chancellor's Fellows and Business Development Executives as well as consultants with the goal to establish Edinburgh as the Space Data Capital of Europe by 2030.

The Bayes Centre is the coordinating hub for DDI Space and Satellites activities. As such, here at Bayes, we are focussing on working with industry, governments, and NGOs to accelerate the translation of the University of Edinburgh's cutting-edge Space and Satellite research into social and economic impact. 

Check out the Space and Satellites web pages to meet their team, gain an insight into what they do, their successes so far and their student engagement.

Edinburgh: Space Data Capital Podcasts 

Listen to Dr Murray Collins and journalist Kim McAllister reveal why Edinburgh is on course to become the Space Data Capital of Europe.

Podcast: Edinburgh - Space Data Capital

Podcast: Scotland's Secret Space Race

View the short video below, to see Space Business Development Executive, Kristina Tamane, give her insights into being based at the Bayes Centre.

Video: Space dod video
Space dod video

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