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Doors Open Day: The Bayes Centre

Take a look inside the Bayes Centre.

The Bayes Centre offers a new kind of collaborative, multidisciplinary proving ground where we develop innovative technological solutions for the benefit of society. We have a community of over four hundred internationally recognised scientists, outstanding PhD students, leading industry experts and innovation support professionals, working together across disciplines and sectors to advance data technology and apply it to real-world problems.

Data science education, tech entrepreneurship, and industrially driven, multidisciplinary research and design are the core pillars of our strategy to boost the Universityʼs impact across the city, region, nationally, and internationally through new activity that complements the existing strengths of our community.

Working in partnership with Scottish Enterprise, the Bayes Centre is part of the Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) Programme within the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal.  It collaborates closely with other DDI hubs, the Edinburgh Futures Institute, the Usher Institute, the National Robotarium, and Easter Bush.

A note from Professor Michael Rovatsos who is the Director of the Bayes Centre and Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh.

Our Building

The £45 million Bayes Centre building, designed by Bennetts Associates, was officially opened in October 2018 by University of Edinburgh Chancellor HRH The Princess Royal. 

The Bayes Centre is physically connected to the world-leading Informatics Forum, home to the largest computing research department in Europe, and the Dugald Stewart Building which hosts the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences.

The building provides space for approximately 650 researchers, students and external partners over five floors, the Centre’s impressive space is open in design, providing interactive places for occupants from across academia, industry and the public sector to foster relationships. Due to this deliberate design, the Centre creates a collaborative community which works in synergy to unlock pioneering advances in data science and artificial intelligence.

The Bayes Centre building has won the 'Large Project' Award at the 2019 Edinburgh Architectural Association Awards.

Bayes Centre interior view

Why Bayes?

The Bayes Centre is named after Thomas Bayes (c.1701-1761), a statistician, philosopher, and minister who came to Edinburgh to study logic and theology in 1719. Bayes is famous for Bayes' Theorem, which provides an elegant and simple way of calculating how likely a certain hypothesis is given some observed evidence. For example, if we know the probability of a certain disease in the population, and the probability that this disease would cause a certain symptom to appear, this allows us to calculate how likely a patient who presents with this symptom is to suffer from the disease. Bayes' theorem has been enormously influential in probability theory and statistics, and is considered by many to be that foundation of modern-day machine learning, one of the key methods used in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Investing in the future

The Bayes Centre is unique for a University of Edinburgh building due to our community not only including University staff and students but also an array of public and private sector organisations, many of which are located at the Centre itself. In addition to the established public and private sector organisations, Bayes also invests in future innovation via our Corporate Accelerator. The Bayes Corporate AI & Blockchain Accelerator is run in partnership between the University of Edinburgh and Wayra, and is designed to accelerate the best AI & Blockchain start-ups in Europe to scale globally.

In addition to the Corporate AI & Blockchain Accelerator, Bayes is also hosting EIE20, the technology investor showcase. Since 2008, EIE has supported almost 500 tech start-ups and scale-ups who have raised over £750 million. These include FanDuel, Mallzee, Current Health, ZoneFox, Two Big Ears, pureLiFi, Float, Citruslabs and Amiqus.

EIE20 is going digital on the 14th October, and will welcome fifty new and exciting data-driven start-ups and scale-ups to pitch for investment online.

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