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CANCELLED: ACM Seminar: Linus Schumacher

Abstract: Tissue development and regeneration can be seen as group behaviours of cell populations. To understand development and regeneration, we need to consider the interactions between stem cells and the rest of the cells that make up a tissue. Our recently established group uses mathematical models and computational simulations to predict tissue behaviour from the behaviour of cells. In this talk, I will highlight recent and nascent projects that exemplify three core questions we are seeking to explore in collaboration with experimental biologists: 

(1) Which patterns of cellular interactions enable regeneration after injury? 

(2) How do we represent heterogeneity in cell populations (and when does it matter)? 

(3) Can we make models of cell state more quantitative and predictive? 

These questions will be illustrated with concrete examples of (1) cytokine-mediated immune cell interactions in spinal cord repair, (2) discrete vs continuous cell states in neural crest cell migration, and (3) Bayesian inference of cell state transition rates in early fate decisions of embryonic stem cells.

Apr 01 2020 -

CANCELLED: ACM Seminar: Linus Schumacher

This seminar will be the collective behaviour of cell populations in development and regeneration.

Room G.03
Bayes Centre
47 Potterrow