Hyperiondev Online Coding Bootcamps

Build your career in tech with online coding bootcamps, presented in partnership between The University of Edinburgh’s and HyperionDev. Study Software Engineering, Data Science, or Web Development online.

HyperionDev is one of the largest coding education providers in EMEA.

Career Pathways and Further Education

Bootcamps offer opportunities to expand your career and can also provide the skills to access further education opportunities within the University of Edinburgh, including additional short courses to continue to build on your career and flexible online learning MSc options to study towards a qualification while you work.

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Get your start in a software engineering career by learning Python, SQL, object-oriented programming. This bootcamp covers building applications, managing databases, working with algorithms and much more.

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Become acquainted with Python and some of its key libraries and resources in this online bootcamp. Learn the essentials of probability and statistics for data analysis & visualisation and get started with AI and machine learning.

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Learn to build for the web using popular programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, React and more. This bootcamp enables you to manage both the front-ends and back-ends of websites and data-driven web applications.

Why study coding?

Developers enjoy some of the highest paying careers in the world, with the freedom and skills to find work remotely and internationally. They can work from anywhere and have rich work opportunities, as they have the skills that our modern, increasingly digital world rely on to do business.  

  1. Developers earn some of the highest salaries in the world 
  2. Enjoy career freedom and work opportunities 
  3. Being a coder is challenging, interesting, and rewarding work 
  4. Learn skills that are needed by businesses of all kinds.

Course features

  • Flexible payment plans are available 
  • Upgrade your skills and raise your salary 
  • Funding options are available
  • No previous coding experience required