Skills and Talent


Unlock your potential with our portfolio of courses which help you to upskill and reskill in the field of digital data.

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At the Bayes Centre, our range of short online courses offers a pathway to upskill and seize new career opportunities. The knowledge you gain could be a springboard for your academic journey and career evolution and with fully funded places available for those eligible, this could be the first step to changing your life. 

In collaboration with DDI Hubs including the Edinburgh Futures Institute, Usher Institute, and AgriTech, as well as other esteemed partners across the University, our DUSC courses can provide essential skills in an adaptable environment which fits around your needs. 

Our portfolio encompasses an array of enriching non-credit workshops, courses, and credit-bearing modules that can contribute to future degrees. As we continue to shape the future, we're dedicated to expanding this portfolio with entry-level and advanced courses that align with industry demands, so stay tuned for more exciting updates on this very platform.

Elevate your potential, amplify your career prospects, and dive into the exhilarating world of digital data. The Bayes Centre is your launchpad—explore, learn, and transform your future today!