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Frequently asked questions

Answers to some frequently asked questions about our Data Science, Technology and Innovation programme.

How does Online Learning work? 

Photo of a man studying on a laptop

This short video provides an introduction to postgraduate level online learning at the College of Science and Engineering who host the Data Science, Technology and Innovation programmes, at The University of Edinburgh. 

YouTube Video: The University of Edinburgh: Online Learning

What support will be available to me as an online learning student?

While you study with us, you will be well-supported by the programme team with a wide variety of additional one-to-one support as well as study events and resources from across the University. See the Student Support section for more details. 

Student Support 

Will my Certificate, Diploma or Masters be as good as an on campus Certificate, Diploma or Masters?

Our online programmes offer the same high standards of teaching and assessment as their campus-based equivalents – and they lead to the same qualifications, awarded by the University of Edinburgh.

If I study online, will my degree certificate indicate that my degree was completed via online learning?

Your degree certificate will look exactly the same as the degree certificates received by those who have completed their study on campus in Edinburgh.

What are the costs of each programme?

This online learning programme has standard University of Edinburgh tuition fees and for part-time intermittent study the fees are payable for each course as you are enrolled. More information on fees can be found in the 'Fees and Cost' section in our degree finder entry at the link below:

Fees information

Can I complete any of the programmes it in a shorter timeframe?

The short answer is yes! The 6 year duration for the MSc is based on a part-time student but if you find yourself with more time to complete courses then there is no reason why you can't complete the MSc or any of the other programmes in a shorter time. We have had students on the MSc that have completed their Masters in 3 years.

Can I study a single course?

Students wishing to study a single course or up to 50 credits can study via Postgraduate Professional Development (PPD).  Successfully completed credits can be transferred onto a Certificate, Diploma or Masters degree within the Data Science, Technology and Innovation programme should students wish to continue their studies beyond 50 credits.

Do courses run multiple times a year?

Courses start on set dates and run for a specified duration (a standard amount of time is 10 weeks). Students will be expected to engage with the course each week, either by attending the lectures in real time online, or by watching the recording at a time that suits them in that week. There will be set assessment deadlines for each course that will be defined at the start of the course’.

Although our courses are scheduled at specific times throughout the academic year some courses do run more than once but this is an exception rather than a rule - please see our current schedule of courses to find out when courses run.

Schedule of courses

Do you welcome applications based on work experience ?

Yes, if you have relevant professional experience related but do not meet the academic requirements you can still apply. please note you may only be admitted to the Postgraduate Certificate in the first instance.

Does the programme offer funded places or scholarships?

The programme itself does not offer any funding or scholarships, however the University does offer some scholarships

Scholarships and Funding information   

Can I study on-campus?

Our current programmes are available as online learning only and current students include students located in Edinburgh and Internationally.  If you wish to study on campus the University offers a number of additional postgraduate programmes related to data science and information is available here:

Education and training

What is the COVID-19 response from the University of Edinburgh?

The University has a dedicated webpage regarding COVID-19 which you can access.

COVID-19 Response From a programme perspective we are delivered fully online so are able to continue as normal.

What is the impact of Brexit on the University of Edinburgh?

The University of Edinburgh has produced a webpage outlining its continuing relationship with the European Union. The website link below will be updated regularly as events unfold.

Latest updates on the impact of the EU referendum

Still have a query?

Please contact our Programme Team who will be happy to help.

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