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Since our inception in 1990, we have gained an international reputation for leading-edge capability in all aspects of high-performance computing (HPC), data analytics, and novel computing.

We host and manage an extensive collection of HPC systems that includes ARCHER, the UKʼs £43 million National Supercomputing Service.

Our skill set extends beyond our 110 staff to embrace world-class multi-disciplinary capabilities, reinforced by deep ties with industry and academia. We also share our skills through our highly regarded training activities, including two MSc programmes, and our public outreach work.

Cirrus at EPCC: On-demand computing & data solutions

Cirrus is a Tier-2 state-of-the-art advanced computing facility available to industry and academia. 

It provides an ideal platform for solving computational, simulation, modelling, and data science challenges. 

The system was recently upgraded via a £3.5M funding award from EPSRC. This included the addition of 144 NVIDIA V100 GPUs to the system and a 256TB high-performance storage layer for the most demanding data-streaming applications. 

Cirrus is available to industry on a pay-per-use basis, and is regularly used to solve CFD and FEA simulation and modelling problems in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, energy, oil and gas, general engineering, life sciences, and financial services.  

The additional 144 GPUs will provide a key resource for users to explore programming frameworks and accelerated versions of existing applications, in addition to supporting the exponential growth in artificial intelligence and machine learning data science projects. 

Through a simple internet connection, users gain cost-effective access to Cirrus where they can run their own codes, and also access a range of commercial software tools. 

Costs for industrial users of Cirrus:

- CPU £0.0369 per core hour used 

- GPU £2.0357 per GPU hour used. 

Disk storage up to 1 TB is provided at no cost. 

For more information please contact Thomas Blyth: or call 0131 650 3461.


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