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Podcasts shine light on Edinburgh’s space data strengths

The potential of Edinburgh to become the space data capital of Europe is the focus of a new podcast series delivered by Dr Murray Collins and the Space and Satellites Innovation Team.

In the series, professors, business leaders and students share insights from their work in space and satellite technology in Edinburgh and across the world, to reveal a compelling picture of why Scotland’s capital is on course to become the space data capital of Europe.

 Series cover topics like forests, agriculture, marine, deep space, start-ups and businesses and much more. The team engaged cross-college to ensure we cover the depth of space activities. The podcast series was such a success, we’re just commissioning 8 more episodes to air in the late summer. We’ve also received worldwide coverage of the podcast, with a recent publication in Room magazine and attracting engagement from the US, Bavaria and more.   

 Listen to the podcast series

The same team also launched a new site on the Bayes Centre pages to showcase the space ecosystem within the University and wider. We’re keen to hear from fellow colleagues to ensure we’re not missing anyone or any activity. If you feel there’s more to add, please email Kristina Tamane.