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Some Updates from our Partner, EIT Digital.

EIT Digital, Scotland welcomes their first PhD student    

EIT Digital Scotland welcomes Rui Ying, their first PhD student who is based at their Fintech Doctoral training Centre (DTC) at the University of Edinburgh! Rui will be working with The ID Co, a leading Scottish Fintech SME EIT Digital are supporting a growing number of Doctoral Training Centres across Scotland. These are delivered through partnerships with Scottish universities and industry in cross-disciplinary and cross-organisational issues including digital tech, digital finance, digital wellbeing, digital cities and digital industry.    PhD students on these programmes will be part of a pan-European and are supported to spend some of their time in Europe to enrich their research experience and foster international and intercultural skills.   

Getting to know Rui   

What is your PhD topic and what will your research involve?

My PhD research topic is ‘Affordability based on Transactional Data for Probability of Default Credit Risk Model’. The implementation of Open Banking marks a start for financial institutions to access customers' transactions. With the large volume of transactional dataset available, this research will first categorise customers based on their transactions inflow and outflow to measure the customers' affordability. Then, important features of customers' affordability will be aggregated to improve the accuracy of probability of default model.   

What were you doing before you started your PhD?

Right before I registered for this PhD course, I have just completed my Master’s degree in my home country, Malaysia. The focus of my Master’s research was also in the credit scoring field and I have developed continuous interest in this research area.   

What is the most exciting part of being an EIT Digital student?

There is a three-fold excitement of being an EIT Digital student. First, the programme structure to collaborate with an industry partner is a great assimilation of academic knowledge in solving real-life industry problems. Second, EIT provides sufficient funding to support students to go outbound for research-related programme participation, enabling more exposure for continuous self-improvement. Third, it is great to be able to mingle with people from all around the world!   

What are you most looking forward to during your time in Edinburgh?

My PhD journey would be my utmost priority as this is a golden opportunity for me to not only work with my supervisors, who are the academic professionals in credit scoring field, but also to work with the industry professionals. I look forward to learning as much as possible from them and continuously training myself to be a future professional. Aside from that, getting to know more about the culture of Edinburgh, as well as Scotland would be another great experience that I really look forward to.   

What are your favourite hobbies/ things to do in your spare time?

I love cooking, jogging and travelling. These hobbies always effectively relieve my stress and clear up my complicated thoughts to recharge myself.   

Digital Tech Events in Spring

EIT Digital, Scotland will be running 2 free events in Spring with a Digital Tech focus. The first event is in collaboration with Heriot-Watt University and will explore “Commercialisation in quantum technology”. Secondly EIT Digital will run an “Innovation in Cyber Security event”. Both events will foster engagement between start-ups, scale-ups and the SME community providing a space to learn more about Scottish innovation in these sectors as well as introducing EIT Digital’s annual funding call. Keep a lookout on our Eventbrite page for your chance to register for a ticket     

Tasty Tuesday

EIT Cakes

Finally, EIT Digital were proud to have supported the Bayes Centre’s very first “Tasty Tuesday” event providing the hungry industry partners in Bayes with homemade Carrot cake, Millionaire shortbread and Krispy crème donuts. It was a great opportunity to meet other companies in an informal environment and we look forward to the next one.