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Building a New Wiki Smart City Sustainability Digital Platform for Cities and Citizens; Led by Global Thought Leaders and Top Universities’

Led by Ztudium Group, citiesabc brings together industry, public sector and academia in a digital wiki smart cities platform to empower global cities, universities and citizens through utilisation of emerging and disruptive technologies.

Who are Ztudium?

Ztudium build platforms to empower society, cities and citizens. They do this by creating utility internet platforms using software and research solutions, special FinTech, Blockchain and AI-driven digital transformation tools for industry, public sector and academia.  Their focus is on leveraging emerging and disruptive technologies to tackle global social and economic challenges.

Ztudium has an ecosystem of platforms.


Ztudium Ecosystem Network

Access to a network that bring an ecosystem and strong global connections and sale:

Ztudium - Organisaiton offers its premium cutting edge solution blocksdna that offers a unique IP Blockchain AI Software blocksdna. They also offer a digital transformation, PR communications and Marketing:
ztudium ecosystem network logo
  • blocksdna
  • lifesdna
  • intelligentHQ
  • tradersdna
  • Hedge Think
  • influencedna
techabc - A tech ecosystem platform:
  • indexdna
  • citiesabc
  • iDNA
fashionabc - Offers access to a global Fashion digital network ecosystem with b2bc directory and a supply chain infrastructure SAAS build with DLT & AI:
  • textileiq
  • fashioniq
  • retailiq
open business council - B2B digital wiki directory network search engine:
  • wikidna
  • trustdna
  • p2pdna

Ztudium’s mission is about organising knowledge, summarizing, ranking and predicting data across cities, professionals, businesses, influencers, media and fashion. Helping to implement and democratise the internet as a utility and to help people find solutions for technological change. They also offer tailored white-label SAAS platforms that utilise FinTech, Blockchain and AI to help large businesses with adoption and customer engagement.

Ztudium works closely with industry, public sector and academia across various geographies to deliver their mission locally.  Through partnership with Governments, the European AI Alliance and UN Global Compact they help to scale their mission globally.

Ztudium believe Scotland is a privileged and a historical location where talent, credibility and political neutrality to launch a global set of platforms is completely unique.  Through existing engagement with the Bayes Centre Scale Up Accelerator with Wayra Telefonica supported by Scottish Enterprise and sponsored by Cisco Ztudium have been regularly involved in events and workshops with start-ups.


“As part of our expansion plans for R&D, we are delighted to announce that we have recently partnered with the University of Edinburgh’s Bayes Centre and are looking at establishing in Scotland over coming months.”

Dinis GuardaZtudium Founder & CEO

How to get involved?

Ztudium would be delighted to work closely with the vibrant technology ecosystem at Bayes Centre, through promotion of organisations in their wiki platforms, creation of videos or digital media content and PR. T have a great network of global influences, organisations and investors.

To find out more about how you can work together with Ztudium on digital transformation! Please connect with them:

About Dinis Guarda, Founder & CEO

Dinis Guarda author and founder of cities interviews a wide selection of AI professionals on his YouTube channel, and recently has interviewed Bayes Director, Prof Michael Rovatsos, as well as, Dr Jamal Ouenniche, Chair Business Analytics University of Edinburgh DataAI. View the interviews on YouTube:

Dinis Guarda is an author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, advisor and experienced CEO.  He creates and helps build ventures focused on global growth, 360 digital strategies, sustainable innovation, Blockchain, Fintech, AI and new emerging business models such as ICOs / tokenomics. He has been working with the likes of UN / UNITAR, UNESCO, European Space Agency, Philips, Saxo Bank, Mastercard, Barclays, etc. on digital strategy.

Dinis holds a BA, from Lisbon University, a Masters from London South Bank University and attended the Blockchain Strategy Programme at Oxford Said Business School.  He is listed in various global, Top fintech people, Top people in blockchain, AI, social media industry top lists as an influencer in position top 10/20 within 100 rankings.  He has been a lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, Groupe INSEEC/Monaco University and other leading world universities.