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ASA DataFest 2020 @ University of Edinburgh - Sponsorship opportunity

DataFest 202 is seeking organisations which would be interested in sponsoring the event in some capacity, contributing to the pool of funds which will be used for prizes, t-shirts, food, etc. throughout the event. Information on their sponsorship levels and benefits. They are always happy to distribute some company swag as well.

ASA DataFest 2020 @ University of Edinburgh, which will take place over the 13-15 March 2020 weekend at Bayes Centre, this event brings together a very talented and vibrant group of budding data scientists from the university and provides an opportunity for them to collaborate, compete, and get recognized for their work over an intense weekend of data analysis.  

In a nutshell, ASA DataFest is a data analysis challenge where undergraduate students working in teams attack a large and complex surprise dataset over one weekend. The main goal of the competition is to get students to collaborate on a data analysis question that is likely beyond the scope of standard coursework. Judging is based not only on computational and analytical skills, but also on how effectively key findings are communicated. For more details, check out information on the Edinburgh event. This is the 10th year of ASA DataFest, and first year at University of Edinburgh. What started as a small event with roughly 30 students 10 years ago at UCLA has now grown to over 50 institutions globally, and this year they are expecting over 3000 students to participate in the event. You can find out more about the global DataFest events, sponsored by the American Statistical Association. Finally, regardless of sponsorship, DataFest 2020 would love to have representatives from your organisation serve as consultants at the event. The time commitment for consulting can be as little as 2 hours over the weekend. The consultants will be helping students with their projects at the event, mostly serving as a bouncing board for ideas they have, and helping them streamline them. Most importantly, it is hoped that conversations will evolve into what you do in your day to day life as a data professional so students can get a sense of the wide array of opportunities open to them. This is a great opportunity to introduce your organisation’s work to budding data scientists as well as for talent scouting for interns and future hires. Sign up here for a consulting spot.

DataFest 2020 also cordially invites you to the awards ceremony where you can hear the winning teams present their work once again on Monday, March 16, 16:00-17:00 at Bayes Centre. You can find out more about this event and grab a (free) ticket on the Bayes Website

If you are interested in sponsoring, details about funds transfer can be found here. Please get into contact with for any enquiries.  PS: Note that while this event is different than (just a happy name clash coincidence) the undergraduate competition is being run as a DataFest fringe event.