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The New Bayes Corporate Accelerator Graduates - Welcome Week

The Bayes Corporate Accelerator, in partnership with Wayra and Sponsored by CISCO have welcomed the third Cohort of startups to the Bayes Centre.

Accelerator Cohort
Third Cohort Group

Wayra Edinburgh, is powered by O2 Telefonica and is an AI and Blockchain accelerator programme for digital start-ups. Since the launch of the accelerator programme in Autmn 2018, it has welcomed two cohorts of 20 data-driven start-ups. The cohorts between them have raised over £3m in investments.

Welcome week involves an introduction for the next group of start-ups on the programme. Their agenda included, an introduction to:

  • the acclerator programme
  • DDI
  • Bayes Centre
  • Waya/Telefonica
  • The Data Lab
  • BDE

The new startups also attended a drinks reception at the Scottish Parliment and enjoyed a dinner at Hotel Du Vin giving them a more relaxed environment to chat and network. 

The new cohort were selected from over 100 applicants around the world. Each of these 9 selected start-ups are looking for early stage investment to provide them with investor and business introductions, technical and commercial mentorship to articulate their business proposition and develop their core product or service to a range of audiences and provide access to University digital talent. 

The 9 new cohorts and a brief description of what they do can be seen below. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a more detailed inisght into the new start-ups. 

The Data-Driven Innovation initiative is supported by the £1.3bn Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal, and is being delivered by the University of Edinburgh in partnership with Heriot-Watt University to help organisations benefit from data-driven innovation and increase the talent supply for the region’s booming tech-sector.  The Wayra AI and Blockchain Accelerator, based in the Bayes Innovation Centre, is one of the early programmes receiving support to enable entrepreneurship and company growth.


I am delighted to welcome the new cohort of companies in our Wayra accelerator to the Bayes Centre! Their passion and ambition demonstrate how Bayes and the Data-Driven Innovation Programme in Edinburgh can bring exceptional talent to Scotland with the help of corporate partners like Wayra and Cisco. I am particularly pleased how all these companies emphasise using data and AI as a force for good - helping us realise our shared vision of spearheading responsible innovation in data and digital!

Michael RovatsosDirector of Bayes, Professor in Artificial Intelligence


The Start-Ups
Crover Ltd use the first robotic device able to ‘swim’ through grains and monitor their condition, helping grain-storekeepers reduce losses.
Earthwave are using space AI technology for energy- intelligence.
Legal Utopia is a LawTech venture on a mission to make a  difference, an impact, by making law affordable and  accessible to everyone.
LiberEat makes life easier for people with dietary  requirements by showing them exactly what they and their family members can eat.
PolyDigi Tech are a next generation mobile security &  blockchain solutions company.
Qpal are the next level Telco data powered by Open Banking and Qpal’s AI engine.
Sentinel Biosensor produce medical grade, wearable,  autonomous, vital signs monitors that continually look for signs of deterioration in patients.
Sonas-Behavioural Science LTD  produce  a digital platform powered by applied emotion analytics along with machine learning to measure mental wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.
Vennle uses big data analytics tools to optimise public  transport networks, allowing them to visualise, forecast and optimise.