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The University and PST Inc.

The University of Edinburgh and PST Inc. announce their commitment to research a novel methodology for monitoring cognitive health through a UK-Japan industrial engagement, supported by the UK’s Medical Research Council and the Bayes Centre, the University of Edinburgh.

PST Inc. ("PST") and the Usher Institute based at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, (the "Usher Institute") are working together to develop a new method of monitoring and diagnosing cognitive function by analyzing language and voice (the "research project"), conducted by Sofia De La Fuente Garcia and Dr. Saturnino Luz of the Usher Institute. The research project will commence this summer following the successful application for funding support from the UK’s Medical Research Council ("MRC").

A pressing challenge for mature societies is to realize accurate and early diagnosis of central nervous system diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease ("CNS diseases"), and the introduction of effective preventive measures regardless of differences in borders and cultures. Dr. Luz, based at the Usher Institute, is a world leader in the field of mental illness pathology analysis research by language and voice; his main research aim is the prevention and early diagnosis of CNS diseases. Through this research project, we will pursue establishing language and voice analysis methods. We will also conduct research aiming to apply this methodology to Japanese-speaking societies with different linguistic and cultural characteristics.

PST aims to develop technologies for the diagnosis and prevention of CNS diseases based on "human voice" analysis, independently of the language spoken by the patient, and to put it to use in clinical practice. Through this research project, we will also accelerate business development activities in the UK and international market. We are working closely with the Bayes Centre at the University of Edinburgh, an innovation hub for data science and artificial intelligence as part of our ongoing vision for business activity in the UK.

Regional Director for Inward investment at Scottish Development International Dr Stephen Baker welcomed the Scotland-Japan industrial engagement project and said: “I am delighted that PST Inc., has decided to develop this innovative technology in Scotland in collaboration with the Usher Institute. “As many developed nations face the challenge of supporting an increasingly aging population the early diagnosis, intervention and prevention of central nervous system diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's is of the highest priority. “This project leveraging the world class research and innovation in Edinburgh University and PST’s deep experience in applying AI enhanced voice recognition promises an exciting way to broadly and impactfully address this challenge.” 

For more information about the Usher Institute and Dr. Luz, please see below and refer to the website.

Bayes Centre is the University of Edinburgh’s newly established (2018) innovation hub for Data Science and AI, Digital Technologies (e.g. 5G, IoT, Blockchain, Quantum, etc.), Robotics and Autonomous Systems and Space and Satellite applications. The technical strengths brought together in Bayes build on world-leading academic excellence in the mathematical, computational, engineering, and natural sciences in the Universityʼs College of Science and Engineering.

The Usher Institute works with people, populations and their data to understand and advance the health of individuals and populations through innovative collaborations in a global community. It sits within the Edinburgh Medical School in the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

MRC is a funding agency for cutting-edge research and development in the world's leading biological and medical fields. MRC demonstrates leadership in accelerating and realizing a wide range of R&D from basic research to clinical R&D.


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