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Rovco Purchases Seaeye Leopard

Rovco, one of the offshore energy industry’s leading providers of ROV and hydrographic services, coupled with artificial intelligence-based technology, have recently purchased a Saab Seaeye Leopard. This investment adds to their growing fleet of ROVs, expanding their subsea capability and capacity much further.

Rovco's purchase of the Seaeye Leopard is the latest investment in their asset pool, which strategically increases their capability to serve a growing number of customers. This high-performance electric “Fast ROV” work-class platform, known to function well in difficult conditions, increases Rovco’s service offering to support wind farm installation and maintenance projects throughout the lifecycle of subsea related tasks. Rovco aims to serve customers’ needs in areas such as construction support, seabed, cable and pipeline investigations and intervention, and this vehicle backs up the firm’s capability to deliver on its £15m+ pipeline of upcoming work and will bolster the range of their already growing portfolio of subsea projects.

The Seaeye Leopard is designed to offer customers an exceptionally powerful electric work-class ROV. The Leopard’s technical features and impressive performance, enables greater workability and station keeping, opening up wider operational weather windows, and thereby increasing project efficiency through reduced downtime. The vehicles’ design along with a compact Launch and Recovery spread, allows for fast mobilisation and demobilisation to and from a wider range of vessels without the need for extensive modifications to the deck to support the setup. The all-electric design combined with these typically smaller host vessels helps reduce project CO2 emissions and lowers the overall cost of projects to Rovco’s customers.

Simon Miller, General Manager at Rovco said:

“We are extremely proud to have purchased this great asset. The Seaeye Leopard provides us with an extremely capable, multi-purpose work-class ROV, which is the perfect platform to support our immediate customer needs and future campaigns. The system will be put to work straight away on offshore wind projects throughout the summer, and will bring great operational benefit and efficiency to our planned campaigns”

Simon MillerGeneral Manager at Rovco

Formed in 2015, Rovco is changing the way offshore work is performed and is investing heavily in further research and development. The company has the resources and expertise to work across the globe, using cutting edge technology to drive time and cost-saving project efficiencies.

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