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ARCHER2 is a world-class advanced computing resource for UK science and industry.

EPCC archer

The first phase of the 23-cabinet system was installed at EPCC’s Advanced Computing Facility in July. The service is due to commence later in 2020, replacing the current ARCHER service.

EPCC has also been awarded contracts to run the Service Provision and Computational Science and Engineering services for ARCHER2. The Service Provision contract provides essential system maintenance and upgrades, it is also the access point for users of the ARCHER2 system. The Computational Science and Engineering contract supports users with their individual projects as well as providing ongoing help, software support and development. These are both integral parts of the full ARCHER2 service.




“The people and skills that make advanced computational science possible are one of the most important parts of our computational science infrastructure. UKRI is delighted to continue its long-standing relationship with the team in Edinburgh, one of the UK’s leading centres of excellence in high performance computing.”

Dr James HetheringtonUKRI Director of Digital Research Infrastructure


ARCHER2 should be capable on average of over eleven times the science throughput of the current ARCHER service, based on benchmarks which use five of the most heavily used codes on the current service. It will be an HPE Cray EX supercomputing system, with an estimated peak performance of 28 PFLOP/s. The machine will have 5,848 compute nodes, each with dual AMD EPYC Zen2 (Rome) 64 core CPUs at 2.2GHz, giving 748,544 cores in total. ARCHER2 is provided by UKRI, EPCC, Cray (an HPE company) and the University of Edinburgh. It is hosted and managed by EPCC at the Advanced Computing Facility.

Time-lapse of the installation of the first phase of ARCHER2:

ARCHER2 website: