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Neurolabs awarded funding by Scottish Enterprise

Bayes partner, Neurolabs, has been awarded grant funding by Scottish Enterprise to aid with the development of their synthetic data for computer vision platform.

Neurolabs is a computer vision startup that aims to provide easily-accessible and customizable object detection solutions. Their differentiator is in how quickly these vision models are produced; using deep learning and computer graphics, they skip the human-dependent data acquisition, curation and annotation processes, and instead feed the data-hungry machine learning models with data generated in a simulated environment.  
Neurolabs will use the funding towards increasing the accessibility of synthesised data for computer vision. In order to capture the immense variation in market opportunities for computer vision, Neurolabs is developing a cloud platform that will incorporate a digital asset store, synthetic data generation, and state-of-the-art machine learning and deployment. The grant will be used over 3 years to develop this project and further Neurolabs' presence in Edinburgh and Scotland.  
One of the pioneering industries looking to leverage the cloud platform is from the broad automation space: UiPath through Robotic Process Automation. Neurolabs recently won the startup category of their automation awards for CEE & Turkey, and are looking to grow in the automation space with the help of UiPath.

"We see a lot of synergy between what Neurolabs do and what we are trying to push or to bring to our clients. They are a perfect illustration of automation for us of how you take something that might appear complex and bring it to the enterprise client and make it simple. It's a very strong value for us to simplify and democratise technology. We look forward in supporting Neurolabs' journey in 2021 through all our teams and see them succeed and get to the next level."

Vargha MoayedChief Strategy Officer, UiPath
Neurolabs is looking to expand its team in Edinburgh through opportunities for cloud engineers, product marketing managers, and MSc students in the School of Informatics.