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EPCC | Cerebras Webinar

Prof. Mark Parsons, Director of EPCC, and Andy Hock, VP of Product at Cerebras, will announce a new state-of-the-art as a Service offering for natural language processing (NLP)​ models at a webinar on June 10 2021.

EPCC recently acquired the first Cerebras CS-1 system in Europe for the Edinburgh International Data Facility of the Edinburgh & South East Scotland City Region Deal. This leading-edge AI deployment enables the next wave of NLP and data science research for public, private and academic sectors across the City Region and the UK.

The Cerebras CS-1 system uses the largest processor ever built to greatly reduce training time for the largest models today: 100x+ faster than a traditional GPU. Our speakers will discuss Cerebras’ distinct advantages over traditional training infrastructure, relevant use cases, and opportunities to apply for early testing and access. 

Jun 10 2021 -

EPCC | Cerebras Webinar

Joint EPCC-Cerebras webinar