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Bayes Data Science Unit Launches

The University of Edinburgh’s Bayes Centre has launched the Data Science Consultancy Unit, the first of its kind within Scotland.

The Bayes Centre has launched the Bayes Data Science Unit (Bayes DSU) an innovative new initiative which seeks to work with industry, as well as University staff and students, to provide the data skills that can test the feasibility and inform the scope of larger, complex data projects. As part of the University of Edinburgh’s Post-Covid initiatives, the Bayes DSU seeks to help accelerate economic recovery across Scotland.

Projects that involve large amounts or complex data can require up front technical work with data skills that can be difficult to locate in the market, particularly in novel domains. The Bayes DSU provides a one-stop consultancy shop, with a rapid-response interdisciplinary team that can quickly engage with high-impact strategic collaborative research opportunities.

From Industry to Academia

The Bayes DSU is designed to support both industry and academia. Within Industry it can provide feasibility and scoping service for major projects in data driven innovation and triaging of data driven innovation collaborative opportunities and supporting rapid project roll-out. It can play a key role in supporting emerging strategic industrial R&D relationships between the University and our external partners in all areas of Data Driven Innovation.

The Bayes DSU also seeks to provide a service across the University, offering a technical data science support in delivering collaborative research projects with external partners and a consultation service for technical elements of research bid development

Data-Driven Innovation

Data driven Innovation is an important area of development for Scotland, with the University of Edinburgh a key partner within the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal. The Data-Driven Innovation arm of the City Region Deal provided the funding for the establishment of the Bayes DSU, alongside a number of other projects that will launch this year.

I’m passionate about helping people solve their big challenges with innovative technology. The Bayes DSU offers something unique to industry and to colleagues across the University of Edinburgh and we will play an important role in helping with the University of Edinburgh’s Post-Covid recovery.

Dr Jasmina LazicChief Data Technologist at the Bayes Centre


Data Driven Innovation


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The Bayes Centre is the University of Edinburgh’s innovation hub for data science and artificial intelligence (AI). The technical strengths brought together in Bayes build on world-leading academic excellence in the mathematical, computational, engineering, and natural sciences.  Through close collaboration with a range of industry and public sector partners, Bayes supports the translation of research to maximise the benefit these innovative technologies bring to society.