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[07/04/23] The University of Edinburgh Joins the Turing University Network to Advance AI and Data Science Research

The University of Edinburgh has recently joined the Turing University Network, demonstrating its continued commitment to advancing knowledge and education in data science and AI.

The University of Edinburgh has recently joined the Turing University Network, a new initiative launched by The Alan Turing Institute earlier this week (3rd April 23). This move represents a positive step for both the University and the wider academic community, creating new opportunities for collaboration with the Institute's expanding network."

In 2015 Edinburgh was a founding member of The Alan Turing Institute alongside UCL, Warwick, Cambridge, and Oxford. Since its creation, the Institute has developed relationships with universities across the UK – however, the Turing University Network is a significant development for the wider academic community. This network will provide a platform for universities to work together and innovate while advancing research and education related to AI and data science.

The Institute is taking a bold step towards fostering collaboration and creativity within the UK's data science and AI community. By spearheading the development of a structured and inclusive university network, the Institute aims to bridge the gaps in the data science and AI landscape and connect individuals and organisations with similar goals.

The network will be a welcoming space, with minimal barriers to entry and bureaucracy. It will provide enablers such as mechanisms to connect across the ecosystem, exciting problem-solving opportunities, and pathways to create a real-world impact.

Donna Brown, Director of Academic Engagement at The Alan Turing Institute, said:

“We’re delighted to launch a new UK-wide university network of data science and AI expertise via the Turing University Network. The network is crucial to successful delivery of the Institute Strategy, enables our role as a national convenor in the data science and AI landscape, and creates opportunity for meaningful collaboration where interests align across research and innovation, skills, and engagement."

The Turing University Network is a key component of the new Institute Strategy aimed at changing the world for the better with data science and AI. The network will assist the Institute in achieving its three ambitious goals: advance world-class research and apply it to national and global challenges, build skills for the future, and drive an informed public conversation.

The University of Edinburgh's participation in this network demonstrates its continued leadership role in the advancement of knowledge and education in data science and AI. The University's unwavering focus on the pursuit of excellence in learning and research in these areas is evident in its prominent position within the UK academic community.