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[01/06/23]Educating Engineers for Safe AI

The University of Edinburgh, supported by The Alan Turing Institute, is organising a workshop at the Bayes Centre to discuss Educating Engineers for Safe AI. This is part of a series with other regional workshops taking place in Cambridge and Newcastle.

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We will be considering AI and ML from policy, theoretical, and practical perspectives. This includes understanding how and what kind of bias might enter at each stage of the ML development pipeline and the methods by which its effects can be mitigated.

We’re seeking participants who are:

•          AI Engineers, Data Scientists, Systems Engineers, ML-Ops, Research Software Engineers, Site Reliability Engineers, AI UI/UX designers, and more, working in the implementation of AI systems OR

•          Academics and other experts working in areas related to Safe, Ethical, Reliable and Trustworthy Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence OR

•          Academics and other experts working in professional education, CPD, learning design, and related areas who are interested in developing materials related to safe AI.

The purpose of this workshop, alongside others in the series, is to develop a roadmap for creating a syllabus and set of professional education materials targeted at software and systems engineers. This will empower them to champion the creation of safe, ethical, and trustworthy AI in their workplaces. Developers and engineers, when equipped with the necessary skills, are uniquely placed to ensure that the systems they build are done so according to emerging ethical best practices. These materials will become part of The Turing Way project

Join us in co-creating this content alongside researchers in safe, ethical and trustworthy AI, experts in professional education, and engineering communities from companies and research institutes around the UK.

This workshop will take place on the 29th of June at The Bayes Centre. It will feature an expert panel discussing AI policy and practicalities, followed by facilitated session to enable participants to discuss topics from AI ethics to implementing AI in their projects, with the aim of capturing the training requirements required by the community. It will be an all-day fully catered event including a drinks reception.

Apply to join our workshop by registering through its Eventbrite page where you will also have the option to apply for a travel allowance (please note: this is only available to those with no other funding options available). We look forward to seeing you there and anticipate an exciting and productive day.


This event is supported by The Alan Turing Institute. The Turing is not involved in the agenda or content planning.