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[31/05/23] Member News: EDF joins forces with Snugg to streamline home energy efficiency upgrades and reduce carbon emissions

Bayes Centre Member Snugg , the innovative online service dedicated to making energy-efficient homes accessible to everyone, has teamed up with EDF, the UK's largest generator of zero-carbon electricity. The collaboration aims to help homeowners across England and Wales reduce their carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency in their homes by connecting them with EDF's network of approved installers.


Starting April 2023, Snugg users will have access to EDF's network of installers to fit air source heat pumps, solar PV panels and insulation (including loft, cavity wall and solid wall). This collaboration allows users to not only create their home efficiency improvement plans using Snugg but also find a trusted installer to turn those plans into reality using Snugg.

To request a quote from an EDF installer, users simply need to:

1. Build their efficiency plan on Snugg to identify areas for home efficiency improvements.

2. Answer a few questions about their home to receive accurate quotes from an EDF-approved installer.

3. Schedule the installation with the chosen EDF installer and enjoy the benefits.

The collaboration with EDF expands Snugg's installer coverage and simplifies the process of making homes more energy-efficient, saving customers time and effort at a crucial time in the UK’s journey towards Net-Zero.

Snugg's analysis of Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings in Bristol reveals that 59% of homes have an EPC rating worse than C, making it crucial for homeowners to take action. By implementing energy efficiency improvements, Snugg estimates that residents in Bristol could save a total of £91 million per year while reducing the city's annual carbon emissions by 250,000 tonnes.

Improving home energy efficiency is essential for the UK to reach its Net-Zero targets, and Snugg's collaboration with EDF is a significant step towards making this a reality. Together, they aim to make energy-efficient homes more accessible, costeffective and environmentally friendly for homeowners across the UK.


Snugg CEO, Robin Peters, said:

We’re delighted to join forces with EDF to help our customers improve the energy efficiency of their homes more easily. As awareness of the need for future-proofing homes grows and the UK strives to meet its Net-Zero targets, it's crucial that we accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral world. Our collaboration with EDF is a significant step forward in achieving that goal, empowering homeowners to embrace greener, more sustainable living.

This marks an exciting new chapter for us as we work with Snugg to bring energy efficiency measures to customers. Our installer network offers measures from heat pumps to solar panels enabling customers to take control of their home’s energy efficiency.

Senior Manager of Propositions & Sales, Katharine Baker, EDF.

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