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[03/07/23] Bayes Centre News: Discover the Edinburgh Students Joining the Turing Student Enrichment Scheme

Four students from the University of Edinburgh in the School of Engineering and School of Informatics have joined this year's Alan Turing Institute Student Enrichment Scheme.

The Bayes Centre was one of the founders of the Alan Turing Institute and is a member of the Turing University Network. We take a proactive role in coordinating activities across the University, providing a focus for academic data science and AI research and connectivity to the Institute’s UK-wide community.

The Enrichment scheme is now in its 8th year and is designed to give students the opportunity to enhance, refresh, and broaden their research with the Turing’s community and in recognition of their place within the UK’s growing data science and AI research community.

We are delighted to announce that  4 University of Edinburgh's students  have successfully made  it onto this year's Enrichment scheme.

Enrichment students have the opportunity to find new collaborators for their research or related work. Enrichment Awards allow students to join a cohort from across the UK, as well as the range of researchers already active at the Turing.

 Discover the students who will be joining this year's Alan Turing Enrichment Scheme. 



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