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Bayes Centre Community Profile: Environment Systems

Bayes Centre community member Environment Systems is an established consultancy with a valued reputation using their recognised expertise in data analysis – specifically geoinformatics and earth observation. ​



How Environment Systems Started

Environment Systems was founded in 2003.  Recognising a gap in the availability of high quality, timely evidence for environmental and agricultural decision making, the founders were inspired to launch Environment Systems.

Environment Systems is now an established consultancy with expertise in data analysis and modelling, natural capital evaluation and earth observation. Their unique ability to bridge the gap between scientific research and everyday operations allows them to offer their clients invaluable insights into the latest technological advancements and cutting-edge ideas, all while providing the necessary evidence to tackle the challenges of our time.


For 20 years we have been a leading player in this field and have a wealth of experience to bring to our client work, with a team of world-leading data scientists, software engineers, ecologists, natural capital and agricultural specialists. We work globally and routinely map, and monitor, vast areas and diverse natural assets.

Steve Keyworth Founder and Commercial Director of Environment Systems

Environment Systems has worked in Scotland since 2007; providing solutions to the Scottish Government, NatureScot, local councils, private companies, National Park Authorities and not-for-profit organisations. This reflects the diverse needs for improved information from these clients for peatland restoration, natural flood management, natural capital strategies, nature recovery planning, global agricultural supply chain transparency, crop yield forecasting, climate change risk assessments and monitoring the outcomes of agri-environment grant schemes.

The Journey

Environment Systems'  vision is to be the leading supplier of evidence and insight.  They provide evidence and insights from environmental and agricultural data.  The organisation has experienced growth over the past few years as they have developed their offer and continue to grow.



Their biggest achievement has been the amazing team they have built, including world-leading data scientists, software engineers, ecologists, natural capital and agricultural specialists.  

Basing Environment Systems in the Bayes Centre

Bayes Centre

The Bayes Centre provides space for approximately 650 researchers, students and external partners over five floors. The Centre’s impressive space is open in design, providing interactive places for occupants from across academia, industry and the public sector to foster relationships. 

Being part of this community has been important for Environment Systems as it has provided them with an opportunity to network with likeminded people and organisations. Environment Systems were inspired to locate their organisation within the Bayes Centre as they were looking for a base in Edinburgh and it was an opportunity to build on their existing relationship with the university.

To find out more about Environment Systems, visit their website.

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