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[12/ 05/ 23] The Bayes Centre welcomes a new Member: ZZCOMM

The Bayes Centre is delighted to welcome ZZCOMM to its roster of Members.


The Bayes Centre has welcomed ZZCOMM to the Bayes Centre as a new Member in its community. The company is focused on geospatial hardware and software solutions, providing rapid and high accuracy geospatial data for BIM, mining, AEC, survey and mapping industries, whether they are indoor, outdoor or underground - without GPS navigation.

Cybermap, a handheld imaging LiDAR scanner, is ZZCOMM's flagship product and is integrated with their self-designed world-leading ReLIEF 3D SLAM Algorithm.

ZZCOMM is delighted to join the Bayes Centre as a Member. 

The Bayes Centre, as our first overseas base,  not only can provide us with the connectivity to world-leading academic excellence, such as collaborating with researchers and analysts,  but also the open, aesthetically pleasing work environment could inspire us with more innovative ideas/solutions. ZZCOMM is a company that values talent and intelligence in order to create innovative products. We hope the ZZCOMM(UK) part could strengthen our R&D capabilities and promote our market expansion across the world. 



Please join us in welcoming ZZCOMM  to the Bayes Centre!

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Visit their website to find out more.