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New member HyperionDev

The Bayes Centre is pleased to welcome tech education provider HyperionDev to our roster of members. HyperionDev has helped thousands of career-focussed professionals acquire programming skills through intensive coding bootcamps that immerse learners with practical ways to learn code.


With a mission to close the gap in global tech skills through accessible, affordable education, HyperionDev is adept at bringing eager tech talent and industry needs together as the demand for tech skills grows. As the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved the way coding education is delivered, HyperionDev has risen to the challenge of ensuring they continue to bring quality education to their niche and keep the needs of students as a priority.


Please join us in welcoming HyperionDev to the Bayes Centre!

Find them on: TwitterLinkedIn,  Instagram and Facebook.


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