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New Member: aerospace company HyImpulse

The Bayes Centre is delighted to welcome aerospace company HyImpulse to our roster of members.

HyImpulse UK Ltd. is a subsidiary of HyImpulse Technologies GmbH, an aerospace company developing dedicated sub-orbital and orbital launch services using hybrid propulsion-based launch vehicles.


At HyImpulse, the hybrid propulsion know how has a development heritage of 15+ years with over 100+ tests and latest successful test series of the full scale 75 kN flight rocket motor in 2020 and 2021 (TRL 7). This is the largest and most advanced hybrid motor to be ever tested in Europe, and currently in operation worldwide.

HyImpulse aim to enable rapid, affordable and dedicated access to space and unlock the potential of the high-growth small satellite market. Their disruptive approach of using hybrid rocket propulsion enables major cost reductions and facilitates unparalleled customizability for their customers.

The goal of HyImpulse is to provide a low-cost reliable launch systems for sub orbital and low Earth Orbit applications. The role of the UK office will be to support the technology development as well as operations at the SaxaVord  Spaceport in Shetland.

The biggest challenge that they  face is changing the perception about hybrid rockets. HyImpulse has mastered a hybrid propulsion technology known for almost 100 years but just poorly exploited until today.  HyImpulse hope to introduce this technology to the small launchers market and showcase its unique advantages, which are low-cost, safety, reliability, sustainability, and high performance.

Many people are not aware that HyImpulse will be launching rockets from UK soil within the next year. For many, the development of spaceports in the UK has been happening in the background while COVID-19 has been top of the national agenda. 2022 will be a landmark in the history of the UK space industry.

HyImpulse are constantly on the lookout for passionate team members, who will grow with us and celebrate our successes. Please check their career page for current job opportunities.

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