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AI & Privacy

Smart AI tools could protect social media users’ privacy by tricking algorithms designed to predict their personal opinions, a study suggests.

AI & Heart Failure

Female black patient lying down on hospital bed while nurse is checking her heart beat with stethoscope
Artificial intelligence can help diagnose acute heart failure with more accuracy than current blood tests alone, research suggests.

AI start-ups

Entrepreneurs using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help societies and boost the potential of their companies are set to benefit from a University programme.

AI fire helmet

Pioneering technology developed by Edinburgh researchers could help firefighters more quickly map their surroundings, navigate hazardous environments and get people to safety.

Al & UTI's

Scientists are developing artificial intelligence and talking robots to help to detect urinary tract infections in vulnerable people early.

Enabling Advanced Autonomy through Human-AI Collaboration

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Researchers at the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh are leading a collaboration with the University of the West of England and the University of Oxford which will lay the foundations for the next generation of AI systems capable of providing new levels of autonomy, understand the ethical and societal implications of increased autonomy, and build a roadmap and UK community to support a future major UK initiative in this area.

With an AI to the future

Will artificial intelligence provide the answers to everything or spell the downfall of humankind? Professor Michael Rovatsos unravels the hype and asks if we really want to make machines that think just like us.

Philosophy professor secures £690k to lead on new AI research project

Professor Shannon Vallor to be principal investigator on a UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Programme: Responsibility Grant, funded by ESPRC

Rise and rise of the machines

ARCHER2 cabinets
The arrival of a cutting-edge AI supercomputer in Edinburgh marks the next stage of the University’s storied history with some of the world’s most powerful systems.

Law firm AI comparison study finds hope of finding the right lawyer

Legal Utopia Limited logo
Legal Utopia, a past member of the University of Edinburgh AI Accelerator programme, collaborated with The Data Lab and The University of Aberdeen to use artificial intelligence technology to make comparing law firms easier for first time users of legal services

Building Scotland’s AI powerhouse - brick by brick

Professor Michael Rovatsos, Director of the Bayes Centre, responds to the Scottish Government's Artificial Intelligence Strategy.

AI & Social Media

Who Twitter users follow and what they like are more accurate predictors of their views than what they write, a study suggests.