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Partner Event - Generalising Model Comparison Games

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Model comparison games are used in finite model theory to examine the expressive power of logics. Their strategies have recently been reformulated as coKleilsi maps of game comonads over relational structures, providing new results in finite model theory via categorical techniques. We provide a novel framework for studying these games by viewing them as event structures. This has the advantage of having a finite representation for certain elements of games that are otherwise infinite, alongside a more expressive framework which allows us to treat games as independent structures from their strategies. This makes many implicit aspects of the games explicit. The framework is then lifted to full categorical generalisation offering an enriched environment which, among other things, provides a method to compose games and fully characterise games approximating homomorphisms. 


Speaker Bio 

Yoàv Montacute is a PhD student at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Professor Anuj Dawar. His main academic interests are mathematical logic, foundations of mathematics and logic in computer science. In particular, he studies the links between combinatorics and category theory, the logic of dynamical systems, and more traditional problems in finite model theory.


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Mar 21 2023 -

Partner Event - Generalising Model Comparison Games

Join Huawei and Yoàv Montacute for this tech talk, taking place on 21st of March.

Where (in person): : Coffee House, 4/F, Bayes Centre, 47 Potterrow, Edinburgh EH8 9BT, UK
Where (virtually):