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Bayes Centre - Turing @Edinburgh June Meetup

The Bayes Centre hosted virtual Turing@Edinburgh Seminar Series is intended to create the opportunity for local members of the Alan Turing Institute research community to interact, share experiences and explore multi-disciplinary AI and data science research opportunities.

This series of seminars have been created to showcase presentations on existing Edinburgh Turing Projects, with a focus on innovative and interdisciplinary technical research, creating awareness of research across the University and with the national Alan Turing Institute network.


The Format

12:15 - Welcome - Prof Michael Rovatsos, Director - The Bayes Centre, Professor of Artificial Intelligence - School of Informatics, Deputy Vice Principal of Research

12:20 - Presentation 1 – Safe AI for Surgical Assistance with Prof Subramanian Ramamoorthy, Chair of Robot Learning and Autonomy, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh

12:50 - Presentation 2 - Developing Methods for Text Mining Scottish Brain Imaging Reports with Dr. Beatrice Alex, Chancellor’s Fellow at the Edinburgh Futures Institute, University of Edinburgh & Turing Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute

13:20 - Networking

13:35 - Summary - Prof Michael Rovatsos.

13:45 - Close

Jun 16 2021 -

Bayes Centre - Turing @Edinburgh June Meetup

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