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Guide for Residents accessing the Bayes Centre

This guidance is intended to support those accessing the Bayes Centre.

Last Updated: 15 April 2022

Following the latest Scottish Government guidance, the Bayes Centre building reception is staffed and the main door open from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.

To allow for greater working flexibility, the building can be accessed by residents via swipe and PIN from 7am to 10pm from Monday to Saturday.

Face coverings are now able to be removed, when seated. We expect that even with this change, some people may wish to continue to wear face coverings or maintain a distance from others and we ask all building users to be mindful of how others may wish to interact.

The Bayes Centre frontline and facilities services are available to be contacted during working hours. You can find contact details in the Bayes Centre Team Directory.

Please continue to use safety measures including face coverings and keeping hand hygiene. Please remember to use the Building Sign-In App, until end of April.

In summary:

  • The Bayes Centre reception operates from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.
  • Swipe and PIN access hours are from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 10pm. 
  • Masks can be removed while seated, as long as you can maintain at least a 1 metre distance until at least 18 April.

Important Information

We have prepared the information below to help you understand the current building arrangements. However, more detailed information is provided in our Building User Guide.

Question Answer
Who can access the building? All Bayes occupants, members, partners, and visitors can now access the building.
What are the building opening times?

The Bayes Centre reception operates from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. 

Building swipe and PIN access are available from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 10pm.

Is the building staffed? Yes, the Bayes Centre reception is open between Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and can be contacted during those hours.

Do I need to sign in and out? 

Yes, we ask you to continue to sign in and out of the building using the University of Edinburgh's building sign-in app until the end of April. All visitors must sign in and out from the visitors book available at reception.

You can find more information about the sign-in app and how to use it here.

Is social distancing still in place?

There is no social distancing in place currently.

Unless exempt, you are expected to wear a face covering when moving around the building. Even though there is currently no social distancing in place, in order to remove face covering you must be distanced by at least 1m. You can find more information about the updated UoE regulations on face coverings here. 

What are the capacities for each room/office?

All meeting rooms and offices are back to full capacity.

If you wish to confirm the capacity of specific rooms, please contact Bayes reception at

Do I have to complete a building induction?

If you are a Bayes Partner or Member, you must complete in-person building induction with the Facilities Manager. Please contact Bayes reception to arrange this.

If you are a staff or student of the University of Edinburgh, please contact your line manager/supervisor.

Do I have to book my visit in advance?

Members of Bayes and the Accelerator Program must book your desk in advance using our new desk booking system. 

What safety and hygiene measures are in operation in the building? In line with Government guidance we will continue to maintain good hygiene measures of which frequent hand washing with soap and water is the primary recommended measure.
Where can I find more information about ventilation in the building? The Bayes Centre is fully mechanically ventilated with 24-hour fresh air flow to the building. UoE Estates department have provided a detailed briefing document regarding ventilation across the University estate, you can find the document here
Can I book a meeting room?

Yes, meeting rooms are in use and can be booked via Outlook or by emailing Please note that only Bayes residents are permitted to book meeting rooms.

Are visitors allowed?

Visitors to the building are permitted but please notify in advance of their visit where possible.

Please ensure that all visitors sign in and out via the visitors book available at reception.

What cleaning is in place?

The building is cleaned daily in the morning and in the afternoon.

Can I get tested for COVID? The University is running its own testing programme called TestEd. If you have a University UUN you may use this service. Further details can be found here. At this point, LFT test kits are available from Bayes reception.
What should I do if I observe any safety or behavioural concerns?  If you see something you do not feel comfortable with please report it to Bayes reception at

Is the café open?

Yes, the Bayes Café is open from 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday.
Can I hold events in Bayes?

Yes, please visit the events pages for full information.

Building Access Process

All returning residents are required to read the building user guide and Bayes Fire action plan. The below is a short summary of the steps you need to take to reinstate your access:

1. Read the Building user guide and fire action plan:


2Reactivating door access 


Once you have read and understood the contents of the building user guide and fire action plan, please email your space/office manager who will arrange for your door access to be activated.


Book a desk

If you have any questions about the above guidance, please feel free to contact us.

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