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The Remuneration and Nominations Committees

This practical programme, led by experienced Chairs and NXDs, focuses on key issues which every NXD should be aware of and caters for those with interests in all types and sizes of organisations – listed, private, entrepreneurial, SMEs, public sector and not-for-profit. Each interactive session has been extended this year to provide even more vital learning to cope with a variety of changes facing Non-Execs.

Session 8: The Remuneration and Nominations Committees

Speaker: Angela Seymour-Jackson Deputy Chair, Chair RemCom, GoCompare

The Remuneration Committee is now seen as one of the most challenging of the Board Committees.

There exists today an unprecedented scrutiny of executive remuneration with an increasing emphasis on the ethical nature of incentive schemes. The Remuneration Committee must therefore balance attracting and retaining the right talent whilst also motivating them to deliver shareholder value.

In this session Angela will discuss what makes a Remuneration Committee effective, how the changing landscape of corporate governance is challenging Remuneration Committees and the growing importance of stakeholder management across Executive Directors, Committee members and shareholders. Angela will also share her views on what makes a good Remuneration Chair and why this is a role to aspire to, despite the challenges.

The Nominations Committee plays a critical role in ensuring the Board has the right skills, experience and knowledge. Angela will share her experience of working through both CEO and Chair successions and provide insights into what makes the Committee effective at these most crucial moments.

Participants will discuss real case studies, focusing on appropriate courses of action to take as Members/Chairs of each of these Committees, and how thereafter to advise and guide the Board on decision making and implementation.

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Dec 05 2019 -

The Remuneration and Nominations Committees

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