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Statistics Afternoon on Risk, Noise and Extremes

Professor Emeritus Georg Lindgren (Lund University, Sweden), co-author of the classic Leadbetter, lindgren and Rootzén (1983) book on extremes of random processes is joined by world experts Jonathan Rougier (Rougier Consulting Ltd) and Jonathan Tawn (Professor at Lancaster University) for the first Centre for Statistics and Maxwell Institute "Statistics Afternoon on Risk, Noise and Extremes"


Centre for Statistics and the Maxwell Institute

Talks will be held on the ground floor of the Bayes Centre, Room G.03:

13:10-14:00 Jonathan Rougier, University of Bristol (Hon Prof): Global screening for volcanic risk

14:20-15:10 Georg Lindgren, Lund University (Prof Em): Steve O. Rice (1907 – 1986) – useful noise inspires statistics research

15:30-16:20 Jonathan Tawn, Lancaster University (Prof): Modelling spatial extreme events

Coffee breaks between each talk will be held in the Atrium outside G.03

Lunch will be available from 12:20 on level 5, Room 5.03



Oct 30 2019 -

Statistics Afternoon on Risk, Noise and Extremes

World experts Jonathan Rougier (Rougier Consulting Ltd.), Georg Lindgren (Prof. Em., Lund University), Jonathan Tawn (Prof. Lancaster University) will introduce topics in risk, noise, and extreme events.

Bayes Centre
47 Potterrow