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RBS Challenge Workshop

On November 20th, RBS will host a challenge workshop to generate new ideas for how to model communities. If you're interested in taking part, please reach out to describing what you hope to get from the event and any experience you have already of graph based algorithms. 

The event is part of an upcoming SPIKE which will focus on this very question. A spike is a method which originates from Extreme Programming. It enables RBS to explore possible solutions, estimate benefits and effort involved in solving a problem for real.

For more on spikes, see Greg Gigon's blog. The event will take place on 20 November 10-12 in room 2.55 at Bayes. It will give you a chance to explore an industry problem, talk to practicing data scientists, data engineers and business experts; and explore some of the practical questions and challenges of working on data powered solutions in a modern business. 

Nov 20 2019 -

RBS Challenge Workshop

How would you use graph based algorithms to discover the communities hidden within a population? Want to put your skills into practice?