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Online Platforms and Digital Advertising

In July 2019 the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched a market study into online platforms and digital advertising, as part of the CMA’s broader Digital Markets Strategy. The market study’s interim report was released on 18 December 2019.

Online platforms play an increasingly prominent role in people’s lives. Adult internet users in the UK spend over 3 hours a day accessing the internet, with more than a third of this time spent on sites owned by Google or Facebook. These platforms generate the majority of their revenues from digital advertising, which has experienced a rapid growth to a point where it currently comprises over 50% of UK advertising expenditure and is forecast to continue to grow strongly. While the services provided by online platforms – such as internet search and social media – have created significant benefits, there are also concerns related to the market power of the main platforms in consumer-facing markets, the lack of consumer control over the use of their data and the ways in which this is monetised by the platforms.


Chris Jenkins, Economics Director, CMA

Prof Michael Rovatsos, Director Bayes Centre and Professor of Artificial Intelligence



Feb 03 2020 -

Online Platforms and Digital Advertising

Online Platforms and Digital Advertising: matters arising from the CMA’s Market Study Interim Report.

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