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NVIDIA Acceleration Workshop

For traditional CPUs it would appear Moore’s Law is coming to an end – while transistor counts still increase, significant performance gains in the last few years have been few and far between. This has driven the rise in the use of accelerated computing, and in particular GPUs, in scientific modelling and simulation to ensure that advancements in research can continue to be made. However, performant hardware is not enough on its own, there needs to be the software and platform support to ensure it can be exploited easily and efficiently.

In this workshop NVIDIA will present their CUDA Platform for accelerated computing, with a focus on its use in scientific and high performance computing.

Target audience: This workshop is aimed at Researchers, Research Software Engineers and Systems Administrators with an interest in using GPUs, be it for accelerating their research or deploying at scale to support their institution. No prior GPU knowledge is presumed but some of the sessions do go in depth into recent developments in the CUDA programming model.

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Jun 11 2019 -

NVIDIA Acceleration Workshop

NVIDIA will present their CUDA Platform for accelerated computing

Bayes Centre Rm G.03
47 Potterrow,
Edinburgh, EH8 9BT