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NES Digital Service: Health Data Science in NHS Scotland - presented by Geoff Huggins

The National Digital Platform will enable one patient centred health and care record available to appropriate health and care professionals, as well as enabling citizens to access their own health and care records. It will have a strong emphasis on user focused design and on building solutions that are integrated with new models of service delivery. It will prevent the need for a patient to have to constantly repeat their health information to each individual health or care professional that they meet and will remove barriers to accessing this information, for example between primary and secondary care, between health boards, or between health and social care.

This work is being taken forward by NES Digital Service (NDS), a team based in the Bayes Centre.

The core building blocks of the national digital platform are:

  • A clinical data repository, holding data in a federated design using OpenEHR archetypes
  • Authentication services, the staff directory delivering role-based access through Office 365
  • A master patient index delivered through the CHI programme
  • Over time, a service directory so that commonly used items are held in a single, shared area
  • Over time, identity services to authenticate the identity of citizens using the Platform – this will be dependent on the outcome of the Digital Identity Scotland programme.

The first product being developed will deliver a digital version of the ReSPECT form, providing improved access for people unable to communicate in an emergency, both for carers and clinicians.

Jul 19 2019 -

NES Digital Service: Health Data Science in NHS Scotland - presented by Geoff Huggins

The NES Digital Service will present an informal seminar to outline our work to the Bayes community, to demo an early product and to highlight ways to get involved with our work

G.07 Informatics Forum
The University of Edinburgh
10 Crichton Street