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How to...collaborate across disciplines successfully

Event Description

Crossing the borders between disciplines and long-held practices will be central to this complex process.

This workshop offers you:

  • an understanding of what we mean by border crossing
  • a framework to help aspiring ‘border crossers’ work with people from other disciplines and contexts
  • activities to help personalise the framework to your own environment and current roles/objectives


Dr Mike Jess, Senior Lecturer, Moray House School of Education and Sports Science, the University of Edinburgh.

Who can attend?

Open to all research staff from all disciplines at University of Edinburgh and Heriot Watt University.


More Information and Registration

Dec 05 2019 -

How to...collaborate across disciplines successfully

We are living and working in times that are more complex than ever. Change is a constant. Embracing the unpredictable and interconnected nature of this ever-changing world will be at the heart of future learning and working.

Seminar Room 5,
Chrystal Macmillan Building,
15a George Square,