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Edinburgh Slow-Fast-Ival

Scientific Organiser: Nikola Popovic, University of Edinburgh

Slow-fast (multiple-scale) systems of differential equations feature prominently in numerous applications from the physical and life sciences. The mathematical analysis of the resulting singular perturbation problems constitutes an active research frontier. The workshop will address recent advances and challenges in the field. The focus will be on singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion systems; however, contributions from other areas are very welcome.

The workshop will consist of presentations by leading experts and junior researchers in the field of slow-fast analysis. The principal aim is to encourage an exchange of ideas to advance the state of the art and, in particular, to foster interactions between local and overseas researchers.

The workshop is generously supported by a Partnership Collaboration Agreement between the University of Edinburgh and the University of Sydney.


Registration: All participants should register using this form (There is no registration fee for this workshop)


Edinburgh Slow-Fast-Ival

Workshop provided by the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences

The Bayes Centre,
47 Potterrow,