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Decision-support in litigation

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Should we settle this case? What are our chances of winning? Do we need another witness? These are all questions that might be asked during civil or criminal litigation. Traditionally, much work at the interface of statistics and the law has focussed on the interpretation of evidence and relatively little on strategies for running legal cases. As litigation can have huge implications for individuals and businesses and involve large sums of money, effective decision-making strategies are critical to ensure that good decisions are being made at each stage of the process. There are huge opportunities for statisticians and data scientists to work with lawyers to solve these problems and improve the legal decision-making process but there are many difficult challenges to resolve, for example how to collect appropriate datasets. At this event we will hear from three people working on interdisciplinary problems in this area. Following the talks we will have an open discussion aiming to identify both the key challenges and the ways in which statisticians might be able to contribute. 


Speakers: - Wen Zhang, London School of Economics. Discussing a joint project with the London law firm BLM.

- John MacKenzie, partner at Shepherd and Wedderburn.

- Dr Alex Biedermann, University of Lausanne.

Following the talks there will be a panel discussion investigating how statistics can be used to support decision-making in litigation. 


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Dec 06 2019 -

Decision-support in litigation

An event ran by the Royal Statistical Society discussing Decision-support in litigation.

5th floor seminar room,
The Bayes Centre,
University of Edinburgh,
47 Potterrow,