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Bayes Talks: Data Driven Innovation in EDINA

As a business unit in the University of Edinburgh, EDINA has had a unique role, developing and delivering innovative projects and deploying them as internal and external services for over 20 years, enabling EDINA to deliver inimitable value for the University. 

The University’s involvement with the Edinburgh City and South East Scotland City Region Deal, created the opportunity for EDINA to re-imagine its strategy:  To build and expand on its established expertise and experience of working with data, and providing edtech and services to support data literacy. 

At this talk Janet Roberts,  Director of EDINA will describe how, over the last two years, EDINA has capitalised on expertise in geospatial data to engage with satellite and IoT data, and leveraged experience in design and delivery of edtech to expand data literacy tools and services; within and outwith the University.  

This talk will be of interest to all audiences within the University; from academic colleagues to business development, to find out more about EDINA and ways in which we engage with Data Driven Innovation, and our capacity and ambition to expand services to support the University of Edinburgh.  

Following the presentation there will be a light lunch and the chance to see demonstrations of EDINA projects and services. 

Please come along to talk to us and find out how EDINA can support you and your stakeholders.

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Sep 09 2019 -

Bayes Talks: Data Driven Innovation in EDINA

Readying EDINA for our role in building the Data Capital of Europe - building on 20 years of data expertise and edtech

Bayes Centre
47 Potterrow