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Bayes Forum January - COVID19 & Beyond

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The Bayes Centre Forum series is intended to create the opportunity for Partners & Members of the Bayes Centre, the wider University community and external business guests to interact, share experiences and explore multi-disciplinary AI and data science research collaboration opportunities.

We’re delighted to welcome Reema Patel as our guest speaker to our first Bayes Forum of 2022. Reema has over a decade of experience in public policy, and has led various citizen engagement initiatives on complex and controversial policy areas, including the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) Citizens’ Economic Council, which successfully worked with and influenced the Bank of England’s public engagement strategy.

She has grown the Ada Lovelace Institute's Public Engagement Team, which now encompasses mixed methods and deliberative public attitudes work, that range across biometrics, data and the rule of law, health and social inequalities, data narratives, location data sharing and NHS health data sharing

The January Forum will cover:

- The effects the pandemic has had on societal norms/expectations about governing health and other forms of data

- Accelerated Impacts for Innovation

- Data trusts, data cooperatives and other data stewardship mechanisms

- Discussion about how to layer working with/co-governance in with people when it comes to the governance of data with practical examples

The Event will take place from 12.15pm-1.15pm:


Guest Speaker, Reema Patel

Panel Discussion

Question and Answer Session


Jan 26 2022 -

Bayes Forum January - COVID19 & Beyond

COVID19 and Beyond – Pandemic Implications for Trustworthy Data Institutions

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