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Event and Room Bookings - T&Cs

Guidance on event and room bookings within the Bayes Centre

The Bayes Centre hosts and accommodates a large number of routine and high-profile events and meetings for internal and external audiences.

Our main event space is G.03 which is our ground level seminar room which seats 80 people theatre style and has full AV facilities.

Below you will find further information on our event booking processes, terms and conditions and costs associated with holding an event at Bayes.

Event booking processes

In order to make sure that we can properly schedule and support your event, we ask that you submit an online event request form, providing initial detail about the event, the purpose, audience etc.  The Bayes Centre Operations Team can support the scheduling, preparation and promotion of a range of events, but isn’t resourced to fully coordinate and host events – therefore asks that you are aware of the following terms and conditions. 

Priority will be given to all internal events with a direct link to the Bayes Centre, and Data Driven Innovation programme.  Event applications will be prioritised and approved based on relevance to the Bayes community and thematic alignment with the work of the Centre.  The Bayes Centre hosts and accommodates a high volume of routine and high-profile events. Event organisers are therefore asked to take responsibility for the coordination of catering, room set up, security, AV and other event related requirements.

Events Policy

Internal – events organised by University of Edinburgh staff and/or students.  The out of hours cost includes out of hours servitor cover and must be settled via eIT prior to the event taking place. 

Commercial – events organised by Bayes Centre commercial Partners or Members.  The evening room hire cost includes out of hours servitor cover and must be settled prior to the event taking place, normally via eIT or with a Purchase Order number. 

External – outside of core operational hours (from 8.30am-5.30pm), and subject to availability, the Bayes Centre Seminar Room (G.03) and Atrium is also available for external events.  External events are events that are not organised by a member of the University, or an existing Bayes Centre Member/Partner, but have a connection to Bayes, the wider Data Driven Innovation initiative, or are of strategic importance to the University.  The evening room hire cost includes out of hours servitor cover and must be settled prior to an event taking place, normally by supplying a Purchase Order number. 

Room hire costs

G.03 and Atrium Internal UoE Staff and Students Commericial Partners & Members External Organisations

Half day (morning or afternoon)

no charge no charge £400

Full day (from 8.30am-5.30 pm)

no charge £200 £600

Evening (from 5.30pm-10.00pm)

£100 £200


Applicable to all events

All events must have a designated ‘responsible person’.

  • for internal events, this will be a University of Edinburgh member of staff or a student. 
  • for commercial events, this will be  a Partner or Member based in the Bayes Centre.
  • external events must have a dedicated organiser or a host present during the event.

The 'responsible person' must be present throughout the event and will ensure compliance with this policy.  Reception and servitorial staff will not assume this role for any of the three event categories, unless specified in the original event booking.

Where necessary, the 'responsible person' will undertake all necessary risk assessments.  The Bayes Centre has a group of Fire Stewards and First Aiders available throughout core operational hours (from 8.30am-5.30pm), all out-of-hours events will require their own First Aid and Fire Steward cover. The 'responsible person' will lead on any building evacuation during an alarm activation and must familiarise themselves with the Fire Action Plan for the building in advance of the event taking place.

The 'responsible person' will ensure that event guests don't attempt to access any other levels beyond the ground floor and that all guests vacate the building at the end of the event.

Event organisers are responsible for any additional cleaning requirements and for any waste disposal (catering waste, glass bottles).

Any children attending an event must be under close supervision at all times.  The open area spaces above the ground floor present significant fall risks to children - this must be considered during any pre-event risk assessments.

Event Booking - Terms & Conditions

Please note by confirming your booking, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1) The University’s Edinburgh First team can support all catering needs, please contact Edinburgh First for additional information and a quote.

2) Room set-up and clean up (the room must be returned to original set-up).  For additional tables contact the Bayes Centre Reception ( at least two days in advance of the event date.

3) Any additional requirements including technical support for internal events must be agreed in advance of the event date.  Event organisers are responsible for testing the equipment or arranging for a technician to be present, via  Note that there isn’t any on-site technician or dedicated AV support in the Bayes Centre.   

4) For Guest Wi-Fi, please contact the Bayes Centre Reception ( at least two days in advance of your event start date.

5) For out-of-hours events – the event organiser is responsible for the health and safety (including fire evacuation) of all attendees.  Further guidance is available from Natalia Gibczynska, at

6) A dedicated 'responsible person' must be present at all times during the event, and is responsible for ensuring that all guests vacate the building at the end of the event.

7) Due to high demand, please note that we can only hold provisional bookings for a maximum of one week.

8) All cancellations received 7 days prior to the event will be refunded in full, last minute cancellations (occurring within 48hrs of the scheduled start) will not be refunded.

Please note failure to follow this online guidance may result in your event being disrupted, double booked and/or omitted from room booking and resourcing schedules.

For more information please contact or if you're ready to complete your booking enquiry please do so via the button below.


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