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What the Space and Satellites team have been up to

GEO-GEE project, ‘Strata: UNEP’s Earth Stress monitor

strata team
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) along with Quosient Ltd. (trading as Earth Blox) and scientists from the University of Edinburgh are working to develop an early warning system to identify where climate change could impact areas already affected by natural disasters or conflict.

Space and Satellites Art installations

Space and Satellites was our first Artist-In-Residence Programme for Inspace. We selected 5 artists from 35 international applications, who focussed on the theme of Space and Satellites data. These residencies created a space for exploration and aimed to create genuine collaborations between science and creative practice.

Edinburgh - A Space University

A view of the Earth from space with a flare of sunlight appearing on the horizon.
Last month, between 4th–10th October, over 96 countries celebrated the annual World Space Week. With more than 8,000 events throughout the world celebrating this year’s theme was “Satellites Improve Life.”