Access to Expertise

Specialist Areas

We offer world-leading academic and technical excellence in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Robotics and Space & Satellites. Discover how these areas drive innovation and explore some of our existing partnerships.

Artificial Intelligence

Brunette womans face with right side of her face merging into a visual effect of numbers
The University of Edinburgh has been at the forefront of AI research for more than sixty years. The Bayes Centres builds on this expertise creating industry collaborations and offering dedicated support programmes.

Data Science

Image shows the top half of a woman wearing glasses looking at her laptop, rest of her face covered by laptop
The Bayes Centre offers a complete data science service for organisations at all stages of their data journey. Explore the wide range of activities we undertake and our dynamic partnerships.


Image of the NASA android robot which lives at the Bayes Centre
Discover how the Bayes Centre facilitates the interdisciplinary fields of data science, technology, and engineering, to help in the development of robotics.

Space & Satellites

Satellite pictured flying over Earth in outer space
The Bayes Centre brings together the University of Edinburgh's expertise in Space and Satellites and facilitates collaborations with the space industry, creating real world impact.